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Sticky bra - Silicone stick on bras

$19.95 $39.90 saving $19.95

Sticky bra - Silicone stick on bras

$19.95 $39.90 saving $19.95

The stick on bra is one of the most beautiful and innovative products in the world of lingerie. Now you can say goodbye to the sagging boobs. Also, you will not be struggling with the metal wires and the uncomfortable straps.
The sticky bra is also known as the breast lifter. You will have the perfect option for covering the nipples in the tops that are having a wide and v neck design. Also, you can go with a backless dress in public confidently without having any fear that the nipple can peak out of the neckline.
The stick on bras is perfect for those women who wear blouse shirts with a deep neck, strapless top, deep neck, under swimwear, wedding deep neck dresses, gowns, and any other dress you like!

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Lets’ find out what can stick on bras do!

1. Perfect Lifting Effect

This bra with strong stickiness is made for lifting up the cleavage, and you will have a better appearance in any dress with it. Plus, you will have the perks of enjoying any occasion without any bra. Also, you will be creating the curviest breast in no time. It will make others doubt that how your chest is looking beautiful without any bra. This is the best option to wear under a v-neck or low neck dress.

2. Comfortable And Discreet

This bra with the seamless design comes with comfortable material and a discreet design. You will have a thick center with the perfect coverage for the nipples, and you will have the simplest method for wearing it on the breasts. Also, you will have the best-blended color with the skin. The leftover residue of the bra will be removed easily with the hot water.

Due to its comfortable design, most celebrities prefer to wear this sticky bra under the plunge and v-neck dresses. The bra comes with a heart shape in the mid, and you will have the coziest feel after wearing it. Also, it is much more convenient and comfortable than a regular strapped bra with wire and thick foaming.

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3. Safe Material

The safe material of these sticky bras makes them worth buying. It has 100 percent pure medical-grade material, and it will never cause an allergic reaction to the skin.

Best of all, it is tested, and you will be able to use it evfen if you have sensitive skin. Also, it comes with the construction of eco-friendly material, and you will have sticky adhesive as well.

4. Washable And Re-Usable

The bra is completely washable and re-usable. You have to wash it after every use to keep the adhesive strong. It comes with a silicone pastie, and you can wash it in warm water and keep it overnight to air dry.

To dry them while traveling, you can keep them in the pocket. Sticky bra is re-usable and you don’t need to throw it away after it gets smelly with the sweat. Though you can buy new sticky bras when the adhesive is no longer sticking on the body.

5. No Slipping Down

This stick on bra will never slip on its own. You will have a similar feel to wearing boobie tape, but it is much stronger and made with non-toxic material. You will have a pastie bra that will give firm support to the boobs and prevent any irritation. Also, you will not have any redness on the boob area after wearing this kind of bra.

6. Full Coverage

You will get complete coverage with the bra, and it will be covering the nipple area separately. You will be able to wear it no matter how large or small your breast size. This stick-on bra will also prevent the breasts from sagging in any dress.

7. High-Quality And Natural Fit

The fitting of this bra will be completely natural, and you will not have a very tight lift. Even the quality of the bra is premium, and you will be staying in it comfortably. It comes with the most natural fit, and you will be stunned that it provides such amazing support no matter how large your bust is.

Visible Bra Or Not?

This bra is not visible at all. You will have a nude skin-like color, and it will make the cleavage to look natural. It will remain discreet if you do not tell anyone about the stick on bra.

How To Use The Sticky Bra?

  1. The sticky bra is easy to wear; you have to wipe the boobs with the towel, and there should not be any oil or moisture on the chest.
  2. Now you have to put the bra on the nipple softly, and the edges should be straight. You have to stick it with the skin by gentle pushing.
  3. You have to lean the upper body completely to wear the sticky bra correctly. 
  4. Now you are done to wear any dress over it.
  5. If the chest is not dry, then the sticky bra will not stay on it for a long time.
  6. The round area should be at least 2 inches below the chests’ nipple.

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Extra Tips For The Stick On Bra

  • You will have a bra with water-resistant material, and you will be swimming while wearing it comfortably.
  • Do not forget to wash the bra after every use. You have to use the right method for cleaning it that we are going to tell you below.

How To Clean The Sticky Boob Bras?

The stick on bras is very easy to clean with mild soap and some warm water. However, you should not use any kind of towel for cleaning them. You have to just shake the excess water inside the bra to remove it. Now you can put the bra in a clean place to let it air dry, and the adhesive should not be exposed for a long time.

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