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Nipple Covers

$14.95 $29.90 saving $14.95

Nipple Covers

$14.95 $29.90 saving $14.95

Were you finding a way to go braless under a deep-neck plunge dress? Well, you can now buy silicone nipple covers in ultra-thin material.

It will comfortably hide the nipple properly with long-lasting adhesive. The pasties are entirely reliable because it is made for all skin types. You will have reusable covers, and they can be cleaned easily.

What else could be better to have modern coverage with top-quality material and a comfy feel? Get this instant solution to wear any dress of your choice confidently. 

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Benefits of the Nipple Covers

There are plenty of benefits that make the boob band-aids worth buying. Let’s have a guise at them!


The nipple covers have silicone material with adjustable closure. You have to hand wash the nipple covers only. It is soft, lightweight, quite flexible, with the edges tapered without any bulky feel. This is a new design of the sticky boobs and better than the prior one. It is ultra-thin to provide maximum seamless coverage instantly.


Silicone nipple covers for women will provide the best coverage no matter what chest size you have. It will be the perfect alternative to a silicone bra. The edges are curved, and it will not show up whether you are wearing a sports bra, crop-top, t-Shirt, Backless dress, strapless dress, or gowns, etc.


It is pretty comfortable, and you will be reusing them several times. Also, it will be the best concealer if you want to go braless under any party dress. The adhesive is sticky, and it won’t fall on its own.


It comes with a matte finishing due to the top-notch silicone material. The adhesive is sticky enough to make them reusable. Also, it will feel like you aren’t wearing anything under the dress.


One of the best things about this modern accessory for all women is privacy protection. The color is invisible, and it will blend with your skin easily. And that’s not all, you will have a seamless feel without any bumps.


The edges are pretty smooth of the breast-nipple covers to comfort the wearer. Also, it is constructed with medical-grade properties. Plus, they are safe for all skin types, including sensitive ones as well. The diameter is accurate for perfect coverage. There will be no worry for them to fall and destroy the moment.


Nipple covers have matte finishing, and they will not appear even after the reflection of light or flash or camera. You will have the best-hidden concealers for the nipples. Therefore, you will be ready for the camera all the time with them no matter what kind of dress you are wearing over them.


You have to hand wash the covers with warm water after each use to maintain the adhesive. Also, you have to air dry the concealers after washing them. You will have a reusable option up to 25 times. And the good news? You will have a sticky adhesive that will not lose its stickiness even after washing. Plus, you can easily carry the pair of four pasties anywhere easily.


The material is highly skin-friendly. It will never irritate the skin because it is specially made to cover the breast nipples under sports bras, backless dresses, sheer dresses, swimwear, gowns, and much more. Best of all, it will keep the nipples clean as well as protected due to the discreet case. You will have the portable option for wearing them under the on-the-go outfit changes.


These pasties have the best material and color that will keep your privacy and boost up your confidence. No matter which outfit you are wearing, the pasties will never let the nipple peak out accidentally. Also, it will stick on for a long time on the skin. You will have the best option to cover the nipples under the v-neck, gowns, sports brads, under sheer kinds of dresses, swimwear suits, and much more. This nippleless modern accessory is for all ages of women.

You must also be tired of nipples showing up while wearing a silky dress or swimwear while you are braless? The ultimate solution is out now!

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Things to Note

  • Do not wash them in the machine.
  • Let them air dry before you keep them in a closed lid box.
  • Do not wipe them with any kind of paper towel, tissue, or towels because the fibers of the fabric will stick to the boob pads.
  • Wash your fingers and breasts before applying the silicone nipple covers.
  • If there is any dust on the covers, then clean them gently.
  • Do not exert much force while placing the nipple covers on your nipples.