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Nipple Pasties | Adhesive Nipple Covers

$29.95 $59.95 saving $30.00

Nipple Pasties | Adhesive Nipple Covers

$29.95 $59.95 saving $30.00

Nipple pasties are one of the most incredible inventions for women to go braless under any color or type of dress. You will find several companies in the market that are selling adhesive nipple covers. Moreover, you will have excellent reviews about this tiny yet adequate pasty nipple cover.
The nipple pasties of our company are much better as compared to the other nipple hiding products in several ways. You will find our pasties with more sticky adhesive and long-lasting usage. Best of all, you will have the nipple shield technology to hide the nipples in any condition when they can make you embarrass accidentally.

What Are The Benefits Of Nipple Pasties?

The nipple pasties are the best alternative to nipple tape. You don’t have to bear the pain while applying the pasties. Also, the nipple pasty will not hurt at all while you take it off. Also, you will love the color because it will blend with the skin color.
On the other hand, nipple pasty will not be picky at all. It will be merging with any color skin type. We have taken the testimonials from many customers and said that it is just like a petal that will cover nipples perfectly. Also, you will have comfortable material that doesn’t irritate the skin like other nipple coverage things do.
Indeed, this little thingy will stay at its place, and it has round cream color. In fact, you will have the best option to hide the nipples with this silicone shield technology.
The pasties will come in a storage case that will let you carry them anywhere easily. Moreover, there are several other benefits of nipple pasties that we will discuss below. 

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Reusable Nipple Pasties

The nipple pasties come with the medical-grade construction, and it is composed of medical-grade silicone material.

Pasties for Women

The pasties are discreet, and you will have the best kind of invisible bra to wear for many hours. The design is thin, and you will have soft yet lightweight material. Also, the nipple pasties come with tapered edges. Best of all, you will have seamless coverage, and it will not come with any prominent edges.

Self Adhesive 

The adhesive of the silicone pasties is great as compared to the nipple tape. You will have a simple option to go strapless and braless. It will be wearable under t-shirts, sports bras, sheer dresses, and much more.

Petal Pasties Fits Sizes A-DD

The pasties are compatible with any size of the breast from A to DD. You will have an sticky bra that will cover the nipples completely.

Breast Petal Pasties

The pasties are made to wear under any kind of dress. You will have 100 percent satisfaction after wearing the nipple pasty.

Go with Confidence 

The nipple pasty comes with superior quality, and it will support the boobs. You will be sure that the nipples are not showing no matter how thin the material of the shirt or dress you are wearing. Also, it will let you have the most natural appearance.

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Reusable & Washable 

The pasties are completely washable. You have to wash them after each use to maintain the quality and stickiness of the pasties. You have to air dry them.

Discreet & Long Time 

The nipple pasty is completely discreet. You will have a reusable pasty, and it lasts for a long time. You will have 25 x times stronger pasty than regular pasties in the market.

Use How to Use Pasties on Nipples?

  • You can place the cover of nipples directly whenever it is required.
  • Continuously, you can use them for more than 7 hours.
  • These covers are totally reusable, and you can use them more than 30 times.
  • The nipple tap will go with any dress of your choice like dresses, tank tops, v-necks, and any color clothing, including black and white.

How to Wash Pasty Nipple Cover?

The pasties nipple are easily washable. All you got to do is take off the pasties and make them wet with lukewarm water. You can use mild soap to clean the bacteria and germs on it. Do not use any kind of cloth to wipe the soap or water on the pasties.
You have to let the nipple cover air dry. Plus, you will have nipple pasties to wash up to 30 times. We recommend using a new pair of pasties after washing them 28 to 30 times. Do not keep the nipple pasties in the storage case unless they are completely dried out.