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Freedom Bra

$15.95 $31.95 saving $16.00

Freedom Bra

$15.95 $31.95 saving $16.00

 The Freedom Bra --- an innovation in the world of undergarments.

Say bye, bye to sagging breasts, digging straps and hurting wires.

Meet your new best friend, the Freedom Bra

We guarantee you that this state-of-the-art bra will replace everything in your wardrobe.

  • It provides a Natural Fit

The invisible bra fits naturally to your chest curve. Looking to get a fuller look? Freedom bra will enhance your form and provide you the look that you desire.

  • It is Super-Super Comfortable

The freedom bra is made of natural and healthy material. The high-quality bio gel silicone material makes it super comfortable.

  • It is Invisible

Wear it with your most sheer dress and you will be surprised. The silicone bra provides a seamless cover. The nude (skin-like) colors give you excellent natural coverage.

  • Feel Comfortable & Sexy

When you find the most stunning evening dress, but cannot find a bra that goes with the dress… The Freedom Bra is the answer. Style it with halter necks, backless dresses, strapless dresses, and low-cut gowns… and you will feel comfortable, confident and sexy.

  • Easy to Clean

Just hand wash our invisible bra with warm water. Then, air dry it. when you take care of the bra, the adhesive will last longer, and you can wear it many times.

  • Nude Colors

After great research, we found the best variety of nude colors. The skin-like color makes the bra look invisible.

  • No worry about Sizes

When buying a bra, the biggest problem is finding the right size. You need to measure and find a perfect fit... which is not easy. the freedom bra offers the best solution. Sizing is super easy with the Freedom Bra!

How to Use

Once you have picked the right size, now is the time to try it.

  • Make sure that your chest is clean and dry. This will make your wonder, Freedom Bra last longer.
  • Now stick the bra. Stick the round portion to 2 inches below your nipple.
  • Next, give it a little pull and then stick the bunny ears to the top of your chest.

Voila! You are all set to go.

Extra Tips

  • If the size is bigger for your neckline, you can simply cut a part of the bra.
  • It is water-resistant, so you can use it under your swimwear as well.
  • After using, clean the bra with warm water. If you need to clean more, use a mild soap. The soap will not affect the adhesive. In fact, we have noticed that keeping it clean is the best way to use it for a longer time.

Our Guarantee:

We love our customers, therefore, every time you order the Freedom Bras, you get our 5-factor Guarantee

  • 30 days Money Back Guarantee
  • Easy, few-step ordering
  • Easy tracking for each order
  • Safe payments through Paypal® & Stripe®
  • Friendly and helping 24/7 Customer Service