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Boob Tape


Breast sagging happens due to various reasons like aging, hormonal changes, sudden weight loss, and childbirth. 

Going braless with a formal dress is not possible because boobs need support to boost the cleavage. 

Do you want to know the solution that all celebrities are using to wear a deep neck or backless dress? 

It's the "boob tape."

The nipple tape is becoming tremendously popular because it provides stronger support that all women look for.

You can wear any dress with a long neck or deeper back confidently every day.


Are you thinking about how the boob tape can provide similar support like bras'?

After knowing the features of the bra tape, you will surely rely on it.

   High-Quality Tape Material – Medical grade material

The material of the boob tape is impressive, and it will last for a long time. Likewise, it has 95 percent cotton material and 5 percent spandex material.

   Strong Adhesive –  Sticky 

The adhesive of titty tape is very sticky, and it will not fall off on its own. 

   Water Resistant – Great for bikini

Bra tape has a sticky adhesive that is good for wearing under a bikini, and you can swim confidently.

   Neutral Colour – Invisible look

You can wear the boob tape with any dress, and it will not look odd because of the neutral colors.

   Lightweight – Silicone material

The material of our nipple tape is softest, and it is lightweight. Thus, you will not feel any weight on your body after taping the bust.

   Reusable – 40 times

Our bra tape is reusable, and you can use it conveniently 40 times. Make sure you dry the boob tape after taking it off.

   Size – Free size

You don't need to measure the bust to buy a titty tape because you aren't buying a bra. You can order our titty tape for all cup sizes from A to G.

   Convenient To Use – In a minute

If you buy our boob tape, you won't hassle to take it off or wear it. You will have a convenient application that will take one minute. 

How To Use Boob Tape?

You can use any boob tape conveniently!!

The following are the five steps that will help you to tape the breast for any dress.

You will have a great lift and support!!

Step 1:

You mustn't moisturize skin before taping it. So it would help if you cleaned the bust area. Ensure the bust area is not wet because the nipple tape will not stick on the skin if it's wet. Do not use any lotion. Just dry the skin.

Step 2:

Now you have to start taping from the bottom of your bust area. Use the bra tape from the bust towards the upper side. In addition, you should measure the size and cut the tape to avoid any inconvenience.

Step 3:

While taping the breast, you have to lift and secure the tape in the bust area.

Step 4:

So if you are going to wear a dress with a deeper neckline, you can cut the boob tape according to the neckline style. 

Now you know how to tape boobs!

The last step will teach how to take off the boob tape.

Step 5:

Many women don't use the boobie tape because it is tough to take off from sensitive skin. But we have a hack for that! You can use any moisturizer or oil to take off the boobie tape without any pain. 

When you apply the body oil on , it will become weaker, and the adhesive will quickly come off the skin.

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Benefits Of Boob Tape:

   Boob Tape Is Accommodating

The nipple tape is skin-friendly, and it is great for all skin types. If you have sensitive skin, it will not cause any irritation. Moreover, the Boob tapes don't obscure the cleavage like bras. 

Therefore, the bra tape is an excellent option for having a confident look without the fear of bra strap showing with any dress with a deeper neckline.

   Comfortable Material

The best benefit of the bra tape is that it is superiorly comfortable. You can wear them for many hours without any irritation. The boobs will not feel any ache with the bra tape. 

   Not For Specific Bust Size

Best of all, the bra tapes don't require a specific size of the bust. The titty tape will work with all breast sizes, and it will give a lift and great support. So you don't need to consider your cup size or shape before buying the titty tape.

   Boob Tape Stays Hidden 

Most of the bra straps and camisoles will show up while wearing a dress with a wider neck. However, it isn't easy to manage the straps of camisoles and bras. 

Hence, the bra tapes are the best hack used by several celebrities. The boob tape stays hidden, and you can walk confidently in public.

Additionally, the bra taps are manageable, and you can cut them according to the type of dress. And the good news? You will be able to cover the area of your breast that you don't want to show.

   Gives Lift To The Breasts

Lastly, the boob tape will give a fuller look to your breast. This hidden tape can work as natural lifters, and you don't need to go for the painful process of implantations. The nipple tape will give a firm grip like push up bras.

Medically, it is not recommended to wear tight bras, so the best solution could be a boob tape. To have a sexier look with the plunging dress, use nipple tape.

Grab your boob tape now before it gets out of stock!!