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Kim Kardashian Tape Trick That Will Surely Work On All Sizes

Do you want to know how Kim Kardashian applies tape on the boobs for the most seducing look? You must be wondering that the Kim Kardashian wears backless, and the strap-less dress still has the best breast support without a bra! Well, it is because of the boob tape that can give the most amazing look. Here we will tell about the Kim Kardashian tape trick.

Kim kardashian tape trick

What Is The Kim Kardashian Tape Trick For Lifting The Breast?

Four years back in 2016, Kim Kardashian shared her trick for taping the breast. Many women asked her the secret behind her amazing cleavage. She told that you have to just tape the boobs in the right way for having the perfect support and curve in the v neck and other plunge dresses. However, you have to be patient while applying the tape. This secret method will surely work on all women's chest sizes.

You should not have oily skin or any other moisturizer applied to the skin. The boobs will not be lifted or taped correctly if you have oily skin says, Kim Kardashian.

However, you have to brace yourself while taking off the boob tape. Also, Kim said that you would have chances of getting reddish skin with the gaffer tape. 

How To Use The Kim Kardashian Boob Trick?

You have to cut the body tape into small pieces. You can peel the paper from the backside of the tape to apply it to your skin. The tape material is flexible cotton material. However, the tape is not much stretchable, so you have to measure the distance from your shoulder to the bottom of the boobs. Moreover, you have to lift the boobs in the same height for the perfect shape.

kim k’s boob tape secret

Kim Kardashian uses the tape from the waist to the shoulder to wear any long neck or v neck dress easily. Also, you will feel much supported with the body tape that is applied correctly. You will not have any issue with the bra strap showing next time you wear a backless or v neck plunge dress.

So now you can wear any kind of dress by using Kim k's boob tape secret with the perfect cleavage. The Kim Kardashian secret tape is out now, and many women are using it.

You can simply apply the boob tape on both sides with the same method and wear a blazer over it. 

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