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How To Tape Boobs In the Best Way For Enhancing the Cleavage?

Do you know the secret behind the lifted cleavage of all the celebrities? It is the boob tape! Well, the boob tape is not much costly, and you can get the attractive shape of your breasts even when not wearing the bra now. But you must know how to tape boobs correctly.
Here we are going to tell some methods that you can use for taping the boobs correctly for having fuller busts.
So if you are tired of wearing a bra that doesn’t support the breast in the backless or strapless dress properly, then we recommend you buy bra adhesives today. You can also try the fashion U plunge bra or the invisible bras.
Though the smaller boobs require less support than the larger ones. Besides that, the bras will not be the best option for those who need to wear a V-neck. You can try the boob tape because it is becoming quite popular nowadays, and the adhesive that it contains is quite supportive for all shapes of the breasts.

How To Tape Boobs Correctly And What Is Needed?

To tape to the boobs correctly, you need a boob tape. Let’s discuss it in detail below!

What Is Boob Tape?

The boob tape comes with a special adhesive material that you can use for lifting up the breast. Besides, the boob tape comes with a medically approved safe material.

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Things Needed To Tape Boobs

To tape the boobs, you do not need costly items. For instance, you need three cheap things.

  1. Boob tape
  2. Cotton pads – to cover the nipples while taping the boobs correctly.
  3. Olive oil – for the easiest removal of the tape.

How To Prepare The Breast For Taping?

Before you start taping the breast, you have to prepare the skin so the tape sticks for a long time. Firstly, ensure that the skin is not oily at all.

Do not apply any moisturizer because the adhesive won’t stick perfectly. You will have sagging breasts if there is some oil left on the boobs. You have to wash the skin with warm water and then dry it completely.

Moreover, we recommend you do a patch test to prevent any allergic reactions from the glue later. Some of the duct tape users faced irritation after taking off the tape because of sensitive skin, but the damage will not be permanent.

How To Tape Boobs For A Plunge Or Backless Dress?

How to tape your boobs for a backless dress, V neck, or plunge dress? You need to know the right steps that we will tell you here. For instance, taping boobs is not a tough job, but it might require some time if you are doing it for the first time.

  1. Firstly, you need to buy the right tape. You can buy boob tape and cut it for 12 inches. Now you have to tape the boobs and start taping from the bottom of the breast. Now you have to lift the breast before placing more tape.
  2. To have the maximum lift, you can easily measure the length of your shoulders or chest before applying the boob tape.
  3. Now you have to repeat the above process of taping the breasts up, but now you have to start from the inner side. Also, you have to apply the tape around the nipples before placing the tape over them.
  4. Do the same process for taping the other breast.
  5. This step is not essential. If you are wearing a plunge dress, then you can place the tape horizontally under the boobs to get a better shape. You can also keep the breasts together and then place the tape over them. Applying tape in the vertical direction will give a shape of a pushup bra and a better neckline.

tape breasts for backless dress, taped breasts

How To Tape Boobs For A Strapless Or Backless Dress?

Now, this method is ideal for those who want to tape the boobs for wearing a backless dress. The taping process will be similar to the above mentioned method.

  1. You have to lie down and lean for some time before applying the boob tape. In fact, you can create any shape that you want with the boob tape by lifting the breast and bring them together as well.
  2. You can cut some of the tapes and start applying them on the bottom side of the breast. We recommend you cut 12 inches of the boob tape. You have to choose the size of boob tape according to the dress that you will wear.
  3. That’s all, you have to continue by the same method for applying the boob tape, and you can simply apply the layers of tape. Also, you have to cover the nipples from the cotton paddings before applying tape over them.

Some Tips To Use While Taping The Boobs

  • Are you finding a way to enhance the shape of your nipple? Well, you can use this trick. You have to purchase the nipple covers separately. Now you have to add the padding on the nipples and ensure the right shape that you desire. Also, you have to stick the tape around the nipple covers.
  • Do not mess with the tape if you don’t have any experience while placing it on your skin. You have to use some precautionary measures. For instance, you have to use cotton wool or any other fabric material to protect sensitive areas.
  • You will be placing the tape easily on the breast while using the shorter pieces. You have to fill the gaps between the tapes to prevent sagging. Also, use the strips in the right direction, so there is no inconvenience later.
  • It would be the best option to ask your friend to tape the breast because you will be holding them in the right spot where they are needed. Without help, you will not be able to place the tape evenly on the breasts.
  • You can also wipe the tape with rubbing alcohol to remove any kind of oil or dirt.
  • You can soak the tape in the hot shower for taking it off easily. For instance, you should try to take it off while taking a shower.

Precautions While Taping Breasts

  • Do not apply the tape if you have burned skin or if it is damaged.
  • You can apply the tape on any other body part to check if you are not allergic to the tape. You have to place the tape correctly because it might hurt while taking off.
  • Do not use the tape on the underarms because it will hurt a lot while removal.
  • You can test the tape by applying it to the inner side of the arm.
  • Do not apply the tape if you have itchy skin. Also, it is not recommended to apply at those places where you applied any powder or moisturizer. The tape will not stick on the area that is we. You will not have the right shape even after placing a lot of tape on the wet area.
  • If you have a sweating issue, let us tell you that adhesive will not stick for more than a few hours. You have to ensure that you remain in a cool environment.
  • It is essential to dry the skin completely before applying the boob tape.
  • Still, if you have any stickiness on the skin after removing the tape, then you can use the baby oil. You can rub the baby oil on the skin to remove the dirt. You will also have an option to use the nail polish remover on the skin for removing any material of adhesive. But do not apply or rub the nail polish remover too hardly on the skin because it contains a lot of chemicals.

Kim Kardashian Tape Trick That Will Surely Work On All Sizes

Do you want to know how Kim Kardashian applies tape on the boobs for the most seducing look? You must be wondering that the Kim Kardashian wears backless, and the strap-less dress still has the best breast support without a bra! Well, it is because of the boob tape that can give the most amazing look. Here we will tell about the Kim Kardashian tape trick.

Kim kardashian tape trick

What Is The Kim Kardashian Tape Trick For Lifting The Breast?

Four years back in 2016, Kim Kardashian shared her trick for taping the breast. Many women asked her the secret behind her amazing cleavage. She told that you have to just tape the boobs in the right way for having the perfect support and curve in the v neck and other plunge dresses. However, you have to be patient while applying the tape. This secret method will surely work on all women's chest sizes.

You should not have oily skin or any other moisturizer applied to the skin. The boobs will not be lifted or taped correctly if you have oily skin says, Kim Kardashian.

However, you have to brace yourself while taking off the boob tape. Also, Kim said that you would have chances of getting reddish skin with the gaffer tape. 

How To Use The Kim Kardashian Boob Trick?

You have to cut the body tape into small pieces. You can peel the paper from the backside of the tape to apply it to your skin. The tape material is flexible cotton material. However, the tape is not much stretchable, so you have to measure the distance from your shoulder to the bottom of the boobs. Moreover, you have to lift the boobs in the same height for the perfect shape.

kim k’s boob tape secret

Kim Kardashian uses the tape from the waist to the shoulder to wear any long neck or v neck dress easily. Also, you will feel much supported with the body tape that is applied correctly. You will not have any issue with the bra strap showing next time you wear a backless or v neck plunge dress.

So now you can wear any kind of dress by using Kim k's boob tape secret with the perfect cleavage. The Kim Kardashian secret tape is out now, and many women are using it.

You can simply apply the boob tape on both sides with the same method and wear a blazer over it. 

Thanks for the read!