Freedom Bra

The Celebrity-Secret to Plunging Necklines!!


Freedom Bra

The Freedom Bra - an innovation in the world of undergarments.

Say bye, bye to sagging breasts, digging straps and hurting wires.

Meet your new best friend, the Freedom Bra.

We guarantee you that this state-of-the-art bra will replace everything in your wardrobe.

We asked women what they need, and you said

A bra that hugs…That prevents sagging…That has no straps…And, that provides the perfect lift…
The support you need…It is backless…It is invisible…It goes with any outfit…
No sagging…No tiredness…No back bulges…No showing side…No showing straps…

We hear you!!

And, therefore, we introduce The Freedom Bra
No… it is not your regular boob tape. The Freedom Bra is made of medical-grade silicone. It provides great support without irritating skin. It provides the perfect shape and sticks like crazy

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How To Use Freedom Bra

1- Make sure that your chest is clean and dry. This will make your wonder, Freedom Bra last longer.
2- Now stick the bra. Stick the round portion to 2 inches below your nipple.

3- Next, give it a little pull and then stick the bunny ears to the top of your chest.

Voila! You are all set to go.

Extra Tips

If the size is bigger for your neckline, you can simply cut a part of the bra.
It is water-resistant, so you can use it under your swimwear as well.
After using, clean the bra with warm water. If you need to clean more, use a mild soap. The soap will not affect the adhesive. In fact, we have noticed that keeping it clean is the best way to use it for a longer time.

Here is why you should order your Freedom Bra NOW!!

They go away fast. Comfort, no-show coverage and support—needless to say, these bras are in demand. We keep updating our inventory, but it is better to order now than later.

You are a few days away from your confident, sexy self. No more tired breasts, sagging, sweating and hurting. Get the bra that makes life easier.

Seamless Cover— No show guarantee. The invisible bra blends with your skin. Therefore, it won't show even with a see-through top. Also, it gives a seamless, natural coverage. So, you can wear it confidently with the sheerest costume.

Want to look perfect in your dreamy dress? This is the secret. The Freedom Bra snugs and supports like no other bra. Make every dress look flattering with this invisible bra.

No worry about Sizes. When buying a bra, the biggest problem is finding the right size. You need to measure and find a perfect fit... which is not easy. the rabbit bra offers the best solution. Sizing is super easy with the Freedom Bra!


These are AWESOME! They lift and firm, just as advertised! They are resuable which I LOVE! They are also extremely easy to clean! I love that You just have to wash them off and let them dry and they regain their suction all over again! I am so impressed!!!

I love how this feels! NOT bulky at all. Smooth on your skin. The only reason I gave 4 stars is because they are a little small for me, Although I am between a D and DD. I have them to my oldest they fit her perfect she's a 36 C.

I love these because they gave me the lift that I get from my underwire bra and gave my breasts a nice shape. I would wear them with anything really because they're so comfortable I forgot I even had them on. Super sticky, I have reused them several times and they work just like the first time. I will definitely be ordering more of these in other styles.

Really great product.So far two uses out of it.I am a C cup plus size. It held my boobs up in my backless sweaters. I do store in a separate drawer so nothing gets stuck to the sticky parts.Over all will buy more.Quick hack for busty girls, hold your boob up to help with a proper lift. (:

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